We believe your technology should be increasing productivity, saving operating costs, providing better customer care, and driving revenue. It should be allowing you to differentiate yourself in your market, make decisions easier and concept implementation faster, creating value, and giving you a good night’s rest. If your technology isn’t doing these things, then its not  delivering what you should expect.

At Ultreya Solutions Group, we don’t create all the technology, but we do make technology work for you — we make it “deliver.”  From start-ups to established businesses to government and non-profits,  organizations have been choosing Ultreya Solutions Group for more than 20 years because it’s an easy and cost-effective way of adding a very wide range of technology expertise and experience.

Our clients know the benefits of having an experienced and talented IT team working to do whatever it takes to solve their technology problems and take advantage of emerging technology opportunities. And they appreciate how we customize our service and support to insure they maximize every technology investment dollar.

Whether you know the exact technology you need or you’re just looking for ideas and recommendations, we’re  the ideal IT strategy and implementation partner.


As the interface between your business or organization and the outside world of information technology, our job is to provide you with the best technology – at the best value – while achieving the best results. Whether you’re trying to integrate new technology or update an existing IT framework, our methodology is time-tested and proven in achieving success.

  1. Situation Assessment – Develop a comprehensive understanding of business/project goals, objectives, timeline and budget. Identify and assess current resources and assets.
  2. Strategic Plan – Based on the current situation assessment, identify how and on what basis future decisions will be made. Identify key resources that should be leveraged or avoided to aid in a successful completion.  Create a “big picture” view of the assignment and how we’ll ultimately achieve the goals.
  3. Action Plan – Lay out a detailed roadmap of the individual steps, shared and individual responsibilities, and key milestones to keep the project on track with timelines, budgets, and expectations.
  4. Resource – Provide the right people, with the right tools and products, at the right time.
  5. Excecute – Produce deliverables on schedule and on budget with a solutions-focused emphasis.
  6. Evaluate – Debrief and measure results to determine if goals are met.  Give and receive feedback on decisions, processes and execution of the project to identify key learnings.

Beyond Technology

From the beginning, we’ve been building lasting relationships with other top-tier businesses. They’re trusted resources for us and we’re happy to put our clients in touch with them. That means, with Ultreya Solutions Group, you have access to great business services beyond technology.

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